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Computers and Electronics

The most extensive design system

You may have heard of CADMATIC’s electrical design software before. After all, it is the most extensive system you can currently find on the market. It includes design of electrical, data systems and telecommunications. This is in either 2D or 3D format. With this tool, you can also design circuit schemas.

So what is this software about? Electrical is a database-based design software solution that enables users to work on the same project at the same time. The shared data that you see is managed in real time, this means everyone is on track about the current status. Data is very important when it comes to this field. Therefore, it is very important that all data is up to date.

This data management enables you to make more efficient designs faster than before. Efficiency and quality is key here.

One of the perks that Electrical brings with it is that you can start designing wherever you want. Regardless, if you want to start designing by using a center schema, a circuit schema, database or an installation drawing, all is possible. With the help of centralized data management, a single piece of information can exist in multiple places.

Experience the versatile drawing and editing functions yourself and discover how the design process can be made more efficient for the user. You didn’t become an engineer to bother with so many routine drawing and editing tasks that can easily be automated. So stop doing these mundane tasks and discover how your life can be made easier with this software.