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Renting a house in Aruba is easier then buying a house

Many people come to Aruba to go on vacation or to do an internship. There are many possibilities for doing an internship in Aruba. The companies are also always very happy with interns. Most internships last around 6 months and then of course you need a stay. There are many student places on Aruba where you can stay cozy with all other interns or students. Would you rather sit alone? Then it is easier for renting a house in Aruba. Renting a house in Aruba is easier than buying a house. In this article I explain why.

Buyingin Aruba

a houseWould you like to buy a house in Aruba? Then there are a few things you should know before making this decision. Below I list a number of points: 

  • Mortgage interest is 5.75% 

  • Transfer 

  • tax Notary costs

  • Insurance against fire or theft

Buying a house in Aruba can be done by anyone. It is just not possible to get a full loan of the cost of the house. You can borrow a maximum of 60-80 percent of the purchase price. That means that you need your own money or that you have to take out a loan somewhere else. Borrowing money always costs money and that makes it not ideal if you have to borrow even more. 

Renting a house in Aruba

There are plenty of choices and options for renting a house and it is just a lot cheaper and a lot easier. You never have to take out a loan, you do not have to pay extra costs for transfer taxes or insurance. You always pay a certain amount per month and do not have to worry if something breaks in the house. The landlord is always liable for this.

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