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How to use a paint sprayer

A paint sprayer makes applying emulsion paint more easy. A paint sprayer has generally more advantages over the brush and even the roller. A sprayer can get to every hard to reach area within a second; all kinds of corners, behind a central heating pipe and even a wicker chair. With a brush or roller this would have been an absolute nightmare or impossible even. Another even bigger advantage is that with the use of paintsprayers you get the smoothest finnish possible. A finnish you can not acceive with a brush or roller. Especially for walls with expensive smooth plastering you want to keep it as smooth as possible. Painting over the plaster with a brush would be a pity.

We cannot say that spraying paint is difficult. This has been proven by thousands of costumers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and in the UK. Really anyone can acceive a clean result as long as you you keep certain things in mind. First of all: make sure you dillute the paint otherwise you cannot spray it. Also never exeed the distance of 20 cm between the wall and your spray nozzle. If you do exceed this distance you will produce mist. You will also product mist if you swing the nozzle. It is always best if you keep the nozzle of the sprayer perpendicular towards the wall (or any of the objects you’re painting). Also you need to keep the paint sprayer absolutely clean. This is essential if you want to use it another time. The torough cleaning of the paint spraying equipment takes about 15 minutes.

If you would like to buy a paint sprayer you need to take the following into consideration: Think about the size of the project you’re working on. And also think about what object you want to spray. When you want to give your furniture a new life you get the best paint sprayer for furniture at painsprayer.co.uk.