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Dutch research shows: Smart Office Interior Design helps organisations with their image


An office interior design should be especially strengthening the image of a company and be a creative, modern and lively workplace as well. That say a majority of the Dutch business professionals. ‘Als a table tennis table is indispensable.’

For years, cost effectiveness was the most important consideration when searching for the perfect business location for businesses and entrepreneurs. Having lnow left the crisis fully behind us, more than six in ten (62 percent) Dutch business professionals think that office interior design Edinbugh should specifically take care of the enhancement of the image and provide a creative, modern and vibrant environment (52 percent). In addition to that, more than a fifth (21 percent) think that an office environment should be attractive for millenials who enter the workplace.

This is the outcome of a research done on behalf of Regus, a provider of flexible workplaces.

Smart Office Interior Design helps organisations with their image

In countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and even the United States and Canada, cost efficiency, is in contrast to Netherlands, yet even more important than providing a creative and modern office interior. Also the attraction for millenials is less important to them than that we find in The Netherlands. So there are lessons to be learned here in the UK market, because it is well known that we leg behind Europe in that respect and that these trends will come to our side of the shores sooner rather then later.

Ideal working environment

Nearly half (48 percent) of the Dutch professionals believe that value for money is important and that additional investment is not a problem as long as there will be the ideal working environment. Considerations are also the proximity of potential customers (29 percent) and good networking capabilities (24 percent). But also a table tennis table or a gaming area on the shop floor is indispensable to a successful business according to one in twenty professionals.

Jessika van Veen, ceo Regus The Netherlands: “We notice today that many more companies are looking for an inspiring environment in the right location. Every company or every entrepreneur has its own challenges in finding a perfect location. Some want to attract talent easier and want to bne close to potential customers, while the other is looking for a location that strengthen companies image. 

A smart office interior design is the business card for the organisation

For the self-employed is an Office even more of a business card for the organisation. They find it even more important (68 percent) that an office environment will make the company appear larger than it actually is and with good value for money (53 percent) as well. On the other hand, it is less important that to attract millenials (16 percent). Especially for this group flexible working offer a lot of advantages over a traditional Office.