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Embrace warmth: exploring the evolution of heated gloves for winter comfort

With winter in full swing, keeping your hands thoroughly warm when going out into the cold is an important matter. Once the hands get cold, it is difficult to get them back up to temperature. The cold from the hands can radiate to the rest of the body, making you feel cold all over. A good pair of gloves can therefore help you get through the winter cold.

Gloves come in many different varieties. From the thin wool gloves to the most luxurious variety that allows you to cope with the coldest temperatures. In recent years, heated gloves have become especially popular. Heated gloves come in all kinds of varieties, but what they all have in common is that they are powered by a small battery that is used to heat the glove.

Just like regular gloves, heated gloves also come in a variety of models suitable for all kinds of purposes. Besides the common heated glove that is multifunctional and can be used by anyone, there are, for example, the heated undergloves that can be used to wear under your work glove. There are special heated gloves suitable for cyclists, these feature extra grip on the palm. The heated glove for motorcyclists comes with extra protection to protect the motorcyclist if something goes wrong unexpectedly. Of course, for the avid winter sportsman there are very warm ones that are thick lined. In addition to all the different target groups, there are also people who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease. These people benefit from warmth on the hand to keep the blood circulation going. For these people, actually all heated gloves are a godsend to ensure that the symptoms stay away. 

Technology is ever changing and every year new variants are added to the market. The latest in heated gloves are the models with dual heating functionality. Where traditional heated gloves only heat the top of the hand, dual heating heats both sides. The name says it all but with these gloves you can control the bottom and top of the hand separately so you can always choose the ideal temperature. For many people, it is the fingertips that get cold quickly and with only the top of the hand heated, this part is not included. If you heat the bottom, the fingertips are also heated. 

There are many different brands of heated gloves available. You can order them for a few pounds from the well-known Chinese webshop but if you are looking for real quality and service, it is better to choose a brand that has been providing the best products for years. At www.bertschat.co.uk you can order the gloves from BERTSCHAT®. This is also the brand that designed the dual heating functionality. The team of specialists can provide you with advice so you can order the right gloves for your use. You will never have to suffer from cold hands anymore and going out in wintertime won’t feel like a burden anymore.