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Efficient transport with a double deck trailer

Are you searching for an experienced logistics partner? For a company that can safely and efficiently ship your goods to destinations all over Europe? Look no further and rely on the expert services of Blankers Transport. This Dutch company is specialized in organizing efficient transportation by road of various goods. They are equipped with a large fleet of various trucks and trailers combinations. One such combination is that of a truck with a double deck trailer. This means the trailer has a double loading floor. Consequently, more goods can be loaded onto the vehicle. A double deck trailer offers twice the loading capacity of a regular trailer. As such, you need only one truck to deliver your cargo to its destination, rather than two. This not only saves you money on transportation costs, but also reduces emission.

How does it work?

Naturally, a double deck trailer works a bit differently from a regular trailer. To enable the loading of both the upper and lower deck, this specialized trailer is equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism. First, goods are loaded on the upper deck. When this is done, the deck is lifted by the hydraulic mechanism. This creates the necessary space for the forklift to load cargo on the second deck. When both decks are loaded, they are gently lowered in their final positions. When possible, goods are compressed to maximize slightly loading space. This is especially handy with voluminous goods such as matrasses.

Top level logistics solutions

Do you wish to transport your goods in a double deck trailer or with another transport solution? Count on Blankers Transport. This company takes excellent care of your goods. These experts handle every step of the way, from departure to delivery at any European destination. Punctuality and clear communication are key. To keep you informed on the progress of your cargo, every truck in their fleet is equipped with a route tracking systems. This way, the home office’s multilingual team can give you frequent updates on the locations of your goods. Want to know more about Blankers Transport’s logistics solutions like the double deck trailer? Visit the company website; there you will find all you need to know.