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A watch shop with an online selection

Are you looking for a nice watch to finish your look? Have you heard of Aevig? This watch brand has an online shop with the most beautiful and unique vintage watches. The brand’s name Aevig is an ancient Norse word, meaning ‘eternal’. This word perfectly reflects the brands vision as they are always striving for perfection. Their goal is to create vintage watches with amazing designs that are timeless. Although all of their watches are vintage, they have a lot of different designs. Read on and you will find out more about the collection you can find in their online watch shop.

Watches for different uses

A watch shop with an online collection, that’s Aevig. Are you looking for a sports watch? Are you going for their Thyïlea GMT, a model fully in titanium, which is inspired by tv-dials from the 70’s? Or do you prefer the Valkyr model? This watch is named after the Valkyrie, a creature from Norse mythology who took fallen warriors to Walhalla and has a sharp, boxy case, which makes it look like a muscle car ready to pouncy. Are you looking for a classy watch that is specifically made for diving? Their Balaur dual crown model is a modern interpretation of the vintage Super Compressor diver and can withstand depths until 300 meters, which is way deeper than your average sports watch. The Huldra model is also suitable for diving, as it is water resistant until 200 meters deep and is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. Whichever watch you prefer, if you buy your watch from Aevig’s online shop you are assured of the highest quality and creativity.

Ask for advice and order online

Did you find a watch in their online shop that suits your needs? Or are you still unsure which watch would fit you the best? Do you like a certain case, but the strap not so much? You can customize your model with a different strap, for example with this premium strap, which makes any model look amazing!