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A dog collar and leash set: a must-have for every stylish, modern-day dog owner

As a modern-day and fashionable dog owner, it is obvious that you want to walk your dog in a sustainable and stylish way. Luckily, with the items from the collection that Approved by Fritz offers, this is more than possible! The sustainable pet lifestyle brand offers a beautiful collection filled with amazing dog must-haves, that were manufactured in eco-friendly circumstances with the use of durable materials. With the purchase of any item, you support a small business owner and do a good deed for the planet!

Beautiful leashes and colors in bright, New York City-inspired colors

One of the items that Approved by Fritz proudly offers is a dog collar set with a leash. The dog collars and leashes from the collection were manufactured in eco-friendly circumstances and have designs that were inspired by the color combinations that dominate the streets of New York City and the buzzing lifestyle that comes along with it. A dog collar and leash set is available in various beautiful color combinations, such as yellow and pink, grey and purple, and pink and red. What colors do you prefer best? After purchasing a durable dog collar and leash set, you and your dog are prepared to walk the streets in the most fashionable way possible. It is time to treat the pavement as a catwalk!

Order your favorite dog essentials online

Which dog collar and leash set is your perfect match? Discover the collection, mix and match your favorite items and easily place your order online. Do you have any questions about the dog collars, leashes, or other items from the collection, such as the upcycled dog toys or the dog poop carriers? Please get in touch with the faces behind the brand. They will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with personal shopping advice.