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5 Ways To Successfully Work From Home

Working from home careers and job opportunities are becoming increasingly popular. Offering the flexibility to work from the comfort of your own home, set your own hours and provides a fantastic home and work life balance.

Whilst working from home can display many benefits which are attractive to others, it can appear not to be as glamorous as some hoped. With complaints of reduced productivity and higher distractions rate, however we believe we can offer some support for those struggling to settle in to the home office.

1)      Dress for the occasions

Working from the office or at home, it shouldn’t matter, dress like you have a meeting and go to work in your normal attire. Feeling the part will make you act the part, pushing you to see past the relaxed atmosphere and into the work zone mentality.

2)      Create an office desk set up

Design your home office desk just like you would the one in the office. With all of your essentials, notice boards and acoustic office screens. Anything that you feel is a requirement to offer a comfortable working environment, in which you can work hard and to your full potential.

3)      Take your lunch break

Not taking enough breaks or at least your lunch break can lead to a burn out later in the afternoon. It’s important to take some time away from the screen and unnatural light to provide rest for the eyes and mind.

Head outdoors for some fresh air and a bite to eat to refuel for a jam packed afternoon.

4)      Cut out the distractions

 Create a formal, yet relaxed setting. Remove any un-work related noise and distractions, such as turning the TV off, lower the radio volume and keeping phone use and social media to a minimum.

Think about the rules within the workplace and apply these to your home and you’ll have a strict regime in place to keep you on track to complete your to-do list.

5)      Structure Your Time

Create a structure for the day, that includes your breaks and important tasks to complete. To follow a schedule will give a clear indication of what you have to finish in order to reach your daily goals.