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5 Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Stockholm

Stockholm blends the elements of history, elegance, and art in a somewhat quirky way. Here are some things you could do while your time in the “Venice of the North”.

Visit Museums

Stockholm has a truckload of majestic museums, each one with a grandeur regal than the other. Skansen is the first-ever open-air museum in the world. The Abba Museum is home to ABBA’s collected works and a must-visit for fans of this world-famous Swedish band. You can’t click any pictures in the museum, so that will give you a chance to capture everything with your eyes and have a fun experience. It is not a museum in the real sense, but you will surely enjoy the exhibitions of works of ABBA. You can visit some other museums like the Vasa Museum, Swedish History Museum, Modern Art Museum, The Medieval Museum, and the Swedish History Museum.

Enjoy thrilling theme parks and amusement parks

  • Junibacken- It is a theme park aimed at young readers. There is a whimsical train ride through the park for you to wallow in. The park abounds with niches, tunnels, and miniature houses to adventure through for children’s amusement. Junibacken also has the largest children’s bookshop in the country.
  • Gröna Lund– Situated in Djurgården, the park is equipped with modern-day rides. If you like ‘insane rides,’ then you will be shrieking with joy on the roller coasters of this park. Your world is going to be upside down, literally! There is a swing ride called ‘Eclipse’, which more than 120 meters in height. You will have the best time of your life on teacups, carousels, bumper cars, and romping through fun houses.

Take the SkyView

The Ericsson Globe is one of Stockholm’s modern landmarks. It is the world’s largest spherical building. SkyView treats you with a striking view of the city from 130 meters above sea level. It is quite a view from up there and rest assured that it will leave you mesmerised.

Stockholm’s outdoors

Stockholm is not just a scenic city. It also offers a lot of outdoor activities for you to take part in. If you seek out fun and games, then Ugglan is the place for you. Here you can indulge in table football, darts, boules, shuffleboard, and air hockey. You can also play with arcade machines or join in a game of round-the-table ping pong. Långholmen beach is where people set out for picnics. In summers, it becomes crowded as this is one of Stockholm’s most frequented swimming spots.

Save some bucks by ditching public transport and taxis, and rent a car to explore the city better. Keeping the headlights switched on at all times is a must in Stockholm. In Sweden, there can be lots of snow and ice, and therefore winter tires are mandatory as a rule. You can compare prices on car rental in Stockholm here: https://www.autoprio.com/. Driving in Stockholm is quite pleasant as the roads are safe and quiet, even during peak hours. The lack of congestion makes it easier for you to explore the city. Renting directly from a local company is a cheaper alternative. Renting a car in Stockholm is no big feat. All you require is a national driving license and a valid passport, and you’ll be good to go.